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You are welcome to call but you can also
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Each one of our staff members are
licensed massage therapists who have
gone above and beyond in training.


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Our Staff

Meet Our experts

Allan Ryan
Orthopaedic Doctor
Carol Small
Donna Bridges
Skin Expert
Oliver Stephens
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what people say about us

Did my prp training with Anne. She is so knowledgeable and very through in her training she explained in depth and clearly. Loved the training so much. She also very welcoming and friendly looks super young also haha will be seeing you again thank you so much ❤️

September 2020

Taytay Lam

Done fat dissolve and cavitation with Anne, she is so lovely and the training was thorough, it was a pleasure to spend the day with her - never had such good training! 5 models .. learnt complications that could potentially arise .. feel like a pro. She’s been nothing but helpful before during and after training - so I’ll definitely be training again with Anne in the future .. she has so many courses and it’s hard to find decent training! So I won’t hesitate to travel 3 hours for my next course in January/feb!!!

December 2020

Sarah Wood
Absolutely amazing training with Anne. Would highly recommend and will be returning for more courses in 2021.
I’m so picky about training and researched high and low to find a reputable academy with positive feedback. There are so many horror stories about bad overpriced courses which leave you worse off and thousands out of pocket.
Feel reassured that when you train with Anne you will leave with a wealth of knowledge and 100% confident in carrying out safely what you have learnt. And she is available after for support should you need it. 👏🏼✨ Beautiful clinical premises and excellent staff. X

December 2020

Rani Km
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Happy clients
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Best Deals

Special Pricing

Deep tissue massage

10 – 100 Minute Sessions ($1325 – $132.50 per session)

Myofascial release

10 – 60 Minute Sessions

Swedish massage

10 – 40 Minute Sessions

Therapeutic massage

30 Minute Session Packages

Deep tissue massage

10 – 90 Minute Sessions ($1325 – $132.50 per session)

Myofascial release

10 – 60 Minute Sessions

Swedish massage

10 – 30 Minute Sessions

Therapeutic massage

30 Minute Session Packages

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Products we use

[vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1460641232039{margin-bottom: 25px !important;}”]For our clients we are committed to bringing together natural, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and therapeutic co-friendly products with our highly skilled and caring technicians.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]


Bean Lip Scrub


Oil Hair Treatment


Cotton Towel


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